USA Pro Challenge to require wristbands for Flagstaff spectators

In an effort to minimize the environmental impact of the race, all spectators will have the code of conduct printed on their wristbands

The USA Pro Challenge, in an effort to minimize the environmental impact of the race, will require all spectators at the uphill finish of stage 6 in Boulder, Colorado, to wear wristbands imprinted with a code of conduct.

The paper-like wristbands, which are nearly impossible to tear by hand, are available for free at numerous locations throughout Boulder, including bike shops such as the Trek Store, Boulder Cycle Sport, Bicycle Village, Full Cycle, University Bicycles, and Pro Peloton. Other, non-bike shop locations include the Chamber of Commerce, the Boulder Visitor’s Center Kiosk on the Pearl Street Mall, the Amante Coffee locations in Downtown and North Boulder, and, until August 12, the Boulder Cycling Lounge.

The wristbands will also be available at the base of Flagstaff Mountain, and at the Viewpoint Trailhead. The wristbands may not be ordered by mail, and are available only for pick-up.

The code of conduct for the summit finish on Flagstaff Mountain bears reminders of the vehicle ban, bicycle parking regulations, and bans against smoking and littering. Spectators are limited to five wristbands each. The complete list of pick-up locations and the full code of Conduct are available on the local organizing committee’s website.

The move to require the wristbands comes in light of the race’s passage through “ecologically sensitive lands,” such as Chautauqua Park and the City of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks, according to a press release.

Boulder city manager, Jane Brautigam, said of the wristbands, “We believe the wristbands and code of conduct… will be an important tool for both educating spectators and managing the overall numbers on Flagstaff.”

The event organizers will post further information on the wristbands via their Facebook page and their Twitter feed.