Thompson Bucks County Classic to crown UCI America Tour champion

UnitedHealthcare's Rory Sutherland sits within striking distance of the title

DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (VN) — The 2012 UCI America Tour concludes on Saturday with the Thompson Bucks County Classic in Doylestown.

The 103-mile race from New Hope to Doylestown road race will crown the champion of the tour, a season-long series of races ranging from Canada to Argentina.

Maximiliano Richeze (Team Nippo) leads the individual standings with 166 points. But Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare) sits second with 158.8 points, while 2011 America Tour champion Miguel Ubeto (Androni Giocattoli-Venezuela) is third with 150, and the title is very much up for grabs.

“The course’s steep twisting climbs and technical descents will serve as a grueling and tactical finale,” says race director John Eustice. The race will also conclude USA Cycling’s 2012 National Racing Calendar.

The race starts in New Hope, along the Delaware River and races to Carversville for six laps of a 14.6-mile circuit that includes two covered bridges and spans Solebury, Buckingham, Plumstead and Bedminster townships. After completing the circuit, the peloton will then race to the finish seven miles away in Doylestown.

On Sunday, teams will compete in the ninth annual Thompson Criterium of Doylestown.

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Start list

United Healthcare
Rory Sutherland (AUS)
Jacob Keough (USA)
Bradley White (USA)
Benjamin Day (AUS)
Davide Frattini (ITA)
Danny Summerhill (USA)
Frank Pipp (USA)


Bissell Pro Cycling Team
Frank Pipp (USA)
Christopher Baldwin (USA)
Patrick Bevin (NZL)
Jeremy Vennell (NZL)
Carter Jones (USA)
Julian Kyer (USA)


Adam Farabaugh (USA)
Pierrick Naud (CAN)
Jordan Brochu (CAN)
Antoine Matteau (CAN)
Emile Jean (CAN)
Jean Samuel Deshaies (CAN)


Bruno Langlois (CAN)
Rob Britton (CAN)
Jean Francois Rancine (CAN)
Zachary Hughes (CAN)
Charly Vives (CAN)
Mark Langlands (NZL)


Jamis-Sutter Home
Luis Romero Amaran (CUB)
Kyle Wamsley (USA)
Jackie Simes (USA)
Tyler Wren (USA)
Carson Miller (USA)


Kenda-5-hour Energy
Max Korus (USA)
Roman Kilun (USA)
Bobby Sweeting (USA)
Curtis Winsor (USA)


Team Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies
Andrew Bajadali (USA)

Alex Candelario (USA)
Marsh Cooper (CAN)
Cody O’Reilly (USA)
Sebastian Salas (CAN)


Team SmartStop-Mountain Khakis
Thomas Brown (USA)
Travis Livermon (USA)
Neil Bezdek (USA)
Clay Murfet (AUS)
Shane Kline (USA)
Chris Monteleone (USA)


Team Type 1 Devo
Alexey Shmidt (RUS)
Daniel Holt (USA)
Thomas Raeymaekers (BEL)
Branden Russell (USA)
Abdrea Ciacchini (ITA)
Paolo Cravanzola (ITA)


Astellas Oncology-ABD
Zachary Bergh (USA)
Brandon Feehery (USA)
Daniel Harm (USA)
Bryan McVey (USA)
Jacob Rytlewski (USA)
Andre Vandenberg (USA)
Peter Hurst (USA)
Evan Burkhart (USA)
John Minturn (USA)
Zack Noonan (USA)
Wes Kline (USA)
Andrew McCullough (USA)


CCB Racing
Amos Brumble (USA)
Tim Mitchell (USA)
Yahoe Buben (BLR)
Aliaksandr Bialiauski (BLR)


Champion Systems-Stan’s NoTubes
Gavriel Epstein (CAN)
Anthony Hall (USA)
Christopher Gruber (CAN)
Allan Rego (USA)
Ricky Gargiulo (USA)
Colin Jaskiewicz (USA)


Elbowz Racing
Heath Blackgrove (USA)
Eric Marcotte (USA)
Logan Hutchins (NZL)
Michael Sheehan (USA)
Mat Stephens (USA)


Firefighters Racing-Advocare
Coulton Hartrich (USA)
Christian Parrett (USA)
James Schuman (USA)
Diego Milan (ESP)
Shane Braley (USA)
Winston David (USA)


G.S. Mengoni
Eugene Boronow (USA)
Brian Breach (USA)
Cesar Marte (DOM)
Scott Savory (USA)
Augusto Sanchez (DOM)


Hagens Berman
Ian Crane (USA)
Steve Fisher (USA)
David Fleischhauer (USA)
Jon Hornbeck (USA)
Gabe Varela (USA)
Chris Wingfield (USA)


Kelly Benefit Strategies-Lateral Stress Velo
Blair Berbert (USA)
Ben Fredrick (USA)
Jon D’alba (USA)
Jacob Tremblay (USA)
Justin Mauch (USA)


Pure Energy Cycling-ProAirHFA
Bobby Lea (USA)
Barry Miller (USA)
Mike Chauner (USA)
Nick Frey (USA)
Wric Workowski (USA)
Chris Winn (AUS)


Ride With Rendall
Aaron Fillion (CAN)
Casey Roth (CAN)
Matteo Dal-Cin (CAN)
Kevin Massicotte (CAN)


Team Panther-Competitive Cyclist
Ryan Aitcheson (CAN)
Kirk Albers (USA)
Paul Martin (USA)
Andrew Seitz (USA)
Robert Stumpf (USA)
Christopher Uberti (USA)


XO Communications-Cisco
Keck Baker (USA)
Nick Bax (USA)
Pete Custer (USA)
Mickey Turner (USA)
Anton Varabel (CAN)