Talansky blasts Di Luca’s claim that 90 percent of Giro peloton dopes

American takes aim at Di Luca on Twitter after the Italian claims that nearly all riders are using performance-enhancing drugs

Banned rider Danilo Di Luca claims that “90 percent” of riders in the Giro d’Italia use performance-enhancing drugs and that the other 10 percent are only using the Italian tour as training for other races. American Andrew Talansky (Garmin-Sharp) shot back at the Italian on Tuesday.

Di Luca made the accusations as part of a leaked television interview published by Italian daily La Gazetta dello Sport.

Di Luca admitted to using drugs over a 20-year career that ended in a lifetime ban, but still took a hard parting shot at a sport desperately trying to present a cleaner image. He said that it was “impossible” to ride in the top 10 without PEDs.

Top-10 Tour de France finisher Andrew Talansky (Garmin-Sharp) took to Twitter on Tuesday and blasted the former pro, who drew a lifetime ban after testing positive for EPO at the 2013 Giro:

I feel genuine hatred towards Di Luca. He’s a worthless lying scumbag making false statements that hurt the sport I love.

Thankfully his statements are delusional. I wouldn’t be in this sport if it was not possible to succeed at the highest level and do it clean

Talanksy didn’t immediately respond to a request for additional comment. The American wasn’t the only one who weighed in; Italian Marco Pinotti, who retired and joined the coaching staff of his BMC Racing squad at the end of 2013, said in a Tweet the assertion was “bullshit.”

Di Luca won the Giro in 2007, and finished second overall in 2009. He also served suspensions during both of those seasons — in 2007, for prior involvement with Italian doping doctor Carlo Santuccione, and in 2009, when he tested positive for using the blood-booster CERA during that year’s Giro. He was caught cheating no fewer than three times in his career.