Sutherland and Abbott get an NRC-standings bump after Cascade wins

Cath Cheatley and Luis Amaran continue to lead the NRC individual standings.

2010 Cascade Classic, stage 1, Cath Cheatley and Mara Abbott
Cath Cheatley and Mara Abbott at Cascade

Mara Abbott (Peanut Butter & Co.-Twenty12) and Rory Sutherland (UnitedHealthcare-Maxxis) each moved up on the National Racing Calendar individual standings following their overall wins at this weekend’s Cascade Cycling Classic in Bend, Oregon. Neither rider took over the top spot, however.

Abbott’s performance moved her into third place in the women’s NRC overall standings which are topped by Cath Cheatley (Colavita-Baci-Cooking Light). Cheatley scored more points than second placed Alison Powers (Vera Bradley Foundation) to extend her advantage to 150 points.

On the men’s side, Sutherland leapfrogged the Scott Zwizanski (Kelly Benefit Strategies) to take over second place in the men’s NRC overall standings. Luis Amaran (Jamis Sutter Home-Colavita) continues to lead, holding a 191-point edge over Sutherland.

Complete standings

Brief results:

Men’s individual standings

  • 1. Luis Amaran, Jamis Sutter Home/Colavita, 996 points
  • 2. Rory Sutherland, UnitedHealthcare P/b Maxxis, 805 points
  • 3. Scott Zwizanski, Kelly Benefits Strategies, 579 points
  • 4. Ben Day, Fly V Australia, 573 points
  • 5. Ben Jacques-Maynes, Bissell Pro Cycling, 566 points

Men’s team standings

  • 1. Jamis Sutter Home/Colavita, 2017 points
  • 2. UnitedHealthcare P/b Maxxis, 1927 points
  • 3. Fly V Australia, 1854 points
  • 4. Bissell Pro Cycling, 1517 points
  • 5. Kelly Benefit Strategies, 1421 points

Women’s individual standings

  • 1. Catherine Cheatley, Colavita/Baci P/b Cooking, 977 points
  • 2. Alison Powers, Team Vera Bradley Foun, 827 points
  • 3. Mara Abbott, Peanut Butter & Co.-Twenty12 732 points
  • 4. Shelley Evans, Peanut Butter & Co.-Twenty12 529 points
  • 5. Erinne Willock, Webcor Builders, 526 points

Women’s team standings

  • 1. Colavita/Baci P/b Cooking Light, 1957 points
  • 2. Team Vera Bradley Foundation, 1930 points
  • 3. Tibco/To The Top Pro Cycling, 1809 points
  • 4. Peanut Butter & Co.-Twenty12, 1693 points
  • 5. Webcor Builders, 1430 points