New russian pro-continental team RusVelo announced

Team manager hopes to make Russia the best cycling nation by 2016

The new Russian team RusVelo was presented Tuesday. Team manager Heiko Salzwedel explained the team’s goals for not only the season, but Russian cycling in general. “We’d like to win gold in the Team Pursuit against Australia and Great Britian, but will be happy to take home any medals this year at the Olympics. The main thing is, we want to make an impact.”

Salzwedel realizes that they need time to build and develop but his vision is grand. He continued, “Our goal is to have Russia as the greatest cycling nation by 2016.”

Armed with experienced sport directors including Egon van Kessel, Henk Vogels and Oleg Grishkin, the team has come together at a grueling training camp in Australia. Special consultant to the team is former US Postal and Discovery rider Viatcheslav Ekimov.

The women’s team includes the talents of German Hanka Kupernagel and Russian Svetlana Bubnenkova.

Roster 2012 Team RusVelo

Artur Ershov
Nikita Eskov
Sergey Firsanov
Valery Kaykov
Alexander Khatuntsev
Sergey Klimov
Evgeny Kovalev
Ivan Kovalev
Dmitriy Kozontchuk
Leonid Krasnov
Viktor Manakov
Alexey Markov
Alexander Mironov
Artem Ovechkin
Arguelyes Rodriges Arkimedes
Ivan Rovny
Ivan Savitskiy
Alexander Serov
Nikolay Trusov
Valery Valynin
Nicolay Zhurkin
Matvey Zubov