Roubaix runner-up Turgot faces sanction after whereabouts violations

Frenchman has allegedly missed three doping controls in 18 months

MONTECATINI TERME, Italy (AFP) — Sebastien Turgot, second in April’s Paris-Roubaix, faces a possible penalty for whereabouts violations that he disputes with the support Europcar his team.

French daily L’Equipe on Wednesday reported that Turgot appeared before thecommittee of the French Cycling Federation (FFC) responsible for the sanctioning decision.

In a statement, the team Europcar recalled “it has always supported riders who deserved it, which is the case of Sebastien Turgot,” and noted that “the violation of the confidentiality of the process indicates again that the essential principle of innocence is violated.”

“This procedure demonstrates once again that the rules of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) are very difficult to apply,” continued the French team, adding that “the riders have rights that must be respected, and there are serious implications for the alleged breaches.”

Turgot, 28, faces a two-year suspension under WADA regulations, which state that three breaches of reported whereabouts in eighteen months is equivalent to a controlled positive. The sanction is likely to be lowered to a one-year suspension if the rider benefits from extenuating circumstances.