Riders, others react to Di Luca positive on Twitter

Riders, managers have strong words for Italian on social media after learning of his positive EPO test

Riders, team managers, and others in the cycling world took to Twitter to vent frustration on Friday after learning of Danilo Di Luca’s (Vini Fantini-Selle Italia) positive doping test and expulsion from the Giro d’Italia. Reactions ranged from criticism of the anti-doping process that allowed the twice-suspended Italian back into the sport to biting humor.

Danny Pate, Sky (@TheDPate): “Anti doping agencies have served us by catching Di Luca but have failed us by letting him come back”

Mike Sayers, Manager, USA Cycling Men’s U23 Program, (@Mickeyhavoc): “Just looked up ‘All In’ in the dictionary and there was a pic of Di Luca, now bring it home big boy and admit you have a problem and issues

“What is ironic is that Di Luca has been wearing neon, because obviously that dude was glowing like a supernova”

Reed McAlvin, Soigneur, Bontrager Pro Cycling (@UberReed): Di Luca tests positive again? No way. in other breaking news the sky is blue and that water is wet. Lifetime ban please.

Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong): “Knowing I have 0 cred on the doping issue – I still can’t help but think, ‘really Di Luca? Are you that fucking stupid??'”

Michael Creed, Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies (@Michael_Creed): “I just sent a letter to Di Luca. I addressed it C—T, Italy.”

Luuc Eisenga, Managing director, AIGCP (@EisengaL): “How can we complete the change of culture of this sport and the sustainability of the teams so we encourage good behaviour. In addition we have to look at ways to stop cheaters taking part in the most beautiful sport on earth.”

Alex Dowsett, Movistar (@alexdowsett): “I’ve spent all day wondering what to say about Di luca, if anything at all as he is getting too much press for the crimes he has committed. In Naples I was genuinely surprised to see his name on the start sheet, with his history he should be unemployable and/or banned for life. Lastly I really feel for the guy in that team that missed the cut by one place, it means alot to any Italian to be part of the giro.”

Ivan Rodriguez (@dominguez1k2go): “This my personal opinion about DD. 

You are an idiot, you got the 2nd chance on cycling to do good and you just trow all that away. Some times I don’t get you and all the other Italians riders like you. 

You used to be one of my favorite and I was a fan, 1st time doping and I didn’t care, I still a fan and you still my favorited, 2nd time doping ‘you are and idiot'”

Jonathan Vaughters, CEO Slipstream Sports (@Vaughters): “One of those days that all the folks that are normally on my ass about why no one gets caught will be on my ass about someone getting caught”

Phil Gaimon, Bissell (@philgaimon): “Nice to see pros badmouth Di Luca for doping. Shows how things have changed. They’re not afraid anymore.”

Christian Vande Velde, Garmin-Sharp (@ChristianVDV): “@timjohnsoncx phew, thank you. Lotta weird dreams this morning…..snow, “Killer” got killed… There’s no place like home, no place like..”

Adam Myerson, SmartStop-Mountain Khakis (@AdamMyerson): “I’m confused by people complaining about outrage over DiLuca as hypocritical. You can’t complain about people you haven’t caught yet.”

“Plenty of people find Contador distasteful, too. Does that mean you’re not allowed to be upset about DiLuca?”

“I don’t think anyone sees Di Luca getting busted and thinks ‘oh thank god the sport is clean again.’ Only that we caught one more.”

André Greipel, Lotto-Belisol (@AndreGreipel): “Di Luca! Doping in cycling disappeared but not in your cycling world!0 tolerance for cheaters! Hope you never come back into cycling!”

Marco Pinotti, BMC Racing (@marcopinotti): “Don’t run to conclusion. Let’s wait B sample. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. oh wait…”

Lachlan Morton, Garmin-Sharp (@lachlanmorton): “Fucking Di Luca.”

Nicholas Roche, Saxo-Tinkoff (@nicholasroche): “Some riders never get it! Thats why must be life time ban or 4year minimum! Pi**d off alway same riders giving cycling a bad name.”

Manuel Quinziato, BMC Racing (@manuelquinziato): “Hope journal and journalist won’t allow this huge idiot to spoil this amazing #Giro and hard work off all the riders! #fuckyoukiller”

Grégory Rast, RadioShack-Leopard (@gregory_rast): “hope di luca gets a life time ban! because if not for shore some team gonna sign him again! #thatstheproblem #fuckyoukiller”

Simon Burney, Technical delegate and cross-country coordinator, UCI (@SimonBurney): “Di Luca, you’re a moron. Go get some help then crawl back down your hole.”

Brian Smith, Assistant GM, NetApp-Endura (@brismithy): “Let’s hope Di Luca and Team get all that’s coming to them..surely they all should leave Giro..this again does not help in search of sponsors”

Matt Brammeier, Champion System (@Mattbrammeier85): “The desperation of these guys makes me feel sorry/embarrassed for them. #anotheronebitesthedust”

Brad Huff, Jelly Belly-Kenda (@huffyusa): “Guess what @OfficialDi_Luca still has with this #positive? A lot more money than we clean riders will ever have. #thickasthieves #doper”