Report: Sky DS hints of new title sponsor by Giro

Matteo Tosatto tells Spanish media he is confident that Team Sky will secure a sponsor before the Giro d'Italia in May.

Could Team Sky have a new title sponsor locked up by the Giro d’Italia? That’s what one sport director told a Spanish newspaper.

Matteo Tosatto, a former pro who has been a Sky DS since 2017, told the Spanish sports daily Marca a new deal could be signed before the start of the Italian grand tour in May.

“Before the Giro starts, we’ll have an agreement almost completely secured for the continuity of the team,” Tosatto told Marca. “It was talked about before the Tour, but it’s likely they’ll announce it before the Giro.”

Those declarations are the clearest and most public hint from anyone inside the Sky organization that the team’s future seems secure.

So far, Team Sky management has refused to publicly speculate about the sponsorship future of cycling’s richest team. On Friday, there was no official comment on Tosatto’s declarations. Sources close to Team Sky could not verify the report to VeloNews.

The Italian also said that the sponsor would be European, and added that rumors of a deal with Colombia are dead.

“There’s no chance of a Colombian deal,” Tosatto told Marca. “It’s true there was an option there, but it never happened. Although Colombia has a lot of great racers and a lot of passion for cycling, in the end, a deal couldn’t be reached.”

Everyone inside the organization as well as the larger peloton is closely watching the uncertain future of cycling’s richest team.

In a surprise announcement in December, current sponsors confirmed the backing of more than $40 million annually would end at the conclusion of the 2019 season. Since then, different reports have linked Sky’s future to mergers, takeovers, or even collapse.

Riders and staff have largely demurred about publicly commenting on details of any sponsor search except to say they had confidence that the team would continue.

Tosatto’s comments — if true — suggest that Team Sky could ride on in some form in 2020 and beyond.