Rebranded Gran Fondo Italia announces 2014 lineup

Three events in the U.S and one in Brazil make up the 2014 Gran Fondo Italia schedule, with more events expected to be announced

The former Gran Fondo Giro d’Italia series has been rebranded as simply Gran Fondo Italia, with a new lineup of events for 2014.

In 2013 the series was one of several to usher in this highly popular format of organized rides, which cater to varying skill levels. Those at the front often race to win. Those in the middle strive for personal bests. Those at the back attempt to complete the distance.

Three events in the U.S and one in Brazil make up the 2014 Gran Fondo Italia schedule, with more events expected to be announced.

The first event will be held August 10 in Aspen-Snowmass, Colorado, just eight days before the USA Pro Challenge begins in the same location.

The second event will be held October 19 in Atlanta-Roswell, Georgia, a  well known cycling area. The event will be organized in partnership with Southern Bicycle League.

On November 9, Gran Fondo Italia will return to Miami-Coral Gables, Florida, for a fourth year.

Finally, on November 16, the first edition of Gran Fondo Italia Rio de Janeiro will be held, in the future Olympic city.

The series, brings a blend of Italian atmosphere, cycling history, and Italian partnerships to host cities, was founded by Italian Matteo Gerevini in 2009.

“To give an example from our early events, we added the pasta party at the end of the event, usually involving the local Italian restaurants,” said Gerevini. “And then jerseys and technical bike products were added as part of the offerings. Our history goes back to the early days of using timed climbs to provide riders with markers for their achievements. All these details make the difference in a great experience, and we are well-positioned to provide an Italian experience that will keep our value unique and successful.”

For more information visit Gran Fondo Italia’s website.