Proposed USA Cycling rule changes

Changes proposed for the 2011 rulebook.

Proposed changes are in red italics.

1M1. Bicycles

(c) Wheels may be made with spokes or solid construction. No wheel may contain special mechanisms to store and release energy. Effective Jan 1, 2012 the following additional restrictions apply in *races for juniors under the age of 17:

i) Wheels must have at least 16 spokes. The rims must be made of metal – composite fibers (carbon etc.) are forbidden. Spoke covers are forbidden.

ii) Only high pressure detachable tires shall be used, with the tube detachable from the tire. Such tires shall be beaded. Tubular tires are forbidden.

(d) The handlebar ends shall be solidly plugged and attachments thereto shall be fashioned in such a way as to minimize danger without impairing steering. Handlebars used for steering with ends, features, or attachments that extend forward or upward or that provide support for other than the rider’s hands are permitted only in time trial and pursuit events (not in Team Sprint); however, attachments that point upward on the brakehoods of road bicycles are allowed if the distance between them is greater than 25 cm (9.8 inches).  [disqualification] Effective Jan 1, 2012 the following additional restrictions apply in junior races for riders under 17:

i) In races limited to juniors under the age of 15, the above mentioned handlebar extensions are forbidden in *all events.

ii) In races limited to juniors aged 15-16, riders may use handlebar extensions in time trial and pursuit events, but the extensions must bolt onto conventional handlebars; one-piece handlebar sets are forbidden.

*Also proposed for events held strictly for junior riders.

1N1. Helmets.

At all times when participating in an event held under a USA Cycling event permit, including club rides, any rider on a bicycle or motorcycle shall wear a protective, securely fastened helmet that satisfies the standards specified in USA Cycling Policies. No additional component (helmet cams, visors, fairings) that was not initially manufactured with the helmet may be affixed to the helmet. The structure of the helmet may not be modified in any way. (Policy I, Sections 1 and 2 – see appendices.) [disqualification and a $20 fine for failure to wear or for removing such a helmet during a race. The fine is also applicable if the rider is not racing, but is participating in the event as described below]. “Participating in an event” means riding a bicycle in the vicinity of a race at any time between the beginning of registration and the last awarding of prizes, but does not apply to riding rollers or stationary trainers in order to warm up.

UR10.35 8F8. Single speed cyclo-cross championships

This adds single speed classes to cyclo-cross championships. We want it to be treated as emergency legislation to be effective for the 2010 championships.

8F8. National Cyclocross Championships shall be conducted for Elite men (cat 1-2), and Elite women (cat 1-3), Single Speed Elite men (cat 1-2) and Single Speed Elite women (cat 1-3).