Pro riders express dismay with new UCI safety rules

Pro cyclists react on social media to forthcoming body-positions rules.

A pair of new UCI safety regulations is not going down very well with racers and those involved with professional teams.

Last week, the UCI said it would begin to enforce the ban on the super tuck position. Today, the international governing body of bike racing announced it is also putting the kibosh on riders resting their forearms on their handlebars, a very popular position when in breakaways or on the front because it so effectively reduces aerodynamic drag.


Reactions from pro riders and those inside pro teams were swift, pointed, and mostly amusing. Some wanted to know what the UCI intended to do about other rider-safety issues, such as finish-line barrier construction.

The UCI implemented the ban on these two positions presumably to enhance rider safety.

Buried in the rules update are recommendations and requirements — barrier fencing construction standards, where bottles can be tossed so as not to crash riders, and more — which will be implemented and enforced to create safer working conditions for pro cyclists.

But reactions to these recommendations and requirements were largely overshadowed by rider’s reactions to the position rules.