Oprah Winfrey expands Lance Armstrong interview to two nights

Talk-show host says the interview will disclose "what people around the world have been waiting to hear"

WASHINGTON (AFP) — Lance Armstrong answered the questions that “people around the world have been waiting to hear” in an two-and-a-half hour interview, talk show host Oprah Winfrey said Tuesday.

“I didn’t get all the questions asked, but I think the most important questions and the answers that people around the world have been waiting to hear were answered. I can only say I was satisfied by the answers,” she said on CBS “This Morning.

Armstrong, who has consistently denied using performance-enhancing substances, on Monday recorded a two-and-a-half hour interview with Winfrey in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

A Winfrey spokesman said Tuesday that the interview, originally scheduled for a single episode, had been expanded to two nights. The show will air at 9 p.m. ET Thursday and Friday on the Oprah Winfrey Network and be streamed simultaneously on

The New York Times and USA Today both cited sources with knowledge of the taping that the seven-time Tour de France winner would admit using banned substances in his career.

Winfrey said she and Armstrong had agreed as part of the terms for the interview that neither would talk about what he said and that it would “left for people to make their own judgments.”

“By the time I left Austin and landed in Chicago, you all had already confirmed it. So I’m like — how did you all do that? We all agreed that we weren’t going to say anything,” said Winfrey.

“I’m sitting here now because it’s already been confirmed. Here we are.”

She described it as a difficult and sometimes emotional interview.

“I would say he did not come clean in the manner that I expected. It was surprising to me. I would say that for myself, my team, all of us in the room, we were mesmerized and riveted by some of his answers.”

“I felt that he was thoughtful. I thought that he was serious. I thought that he certainly had prepared himself for this moment. I would say that he met the moment, and at the end of it, two-and-a-half — literally two-and-a-half hours — we both were pretty exhausted. And I would say I was satisfied,” she said.