In the News: Expect surprises in doping report, says UCI chief

Names will be named, and there will be some surprises, says UCI chief Brian Cookson of the long-awaited CIRC report

The looming disclosure of the much-anticipated “CIRC report” will make for some interesting reading, promised UCI president Brian Cookson.

Speaking to reporters during the UCI world track championships in Paris, Cookson said the public should expect some surprises with the release of a review of the EPO era by the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC).

“When you open a can of worms, you find a lot of worms,” Cookson said in a report at The Guardian website. “I think it’s going to be very interesting — there will be a lot of uncomfortable things in there.”

Cookson also confirmed “names will be named” and that the full report will be released into the public domain.

“We are committed to publishing the report they give us,” Cookson continued. “Unless there are legal reasons why names cannot be named, they will be named. … We can draw conclusions from lack of contributions as much as positive contributions.”

UCI officials hope to have the report ready for release by late February or early March.

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