NeilPryde bike sponsor of UnitedHealtcare

The UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team will be riding NeilPryde bikes

The UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team announced Thursday the team will be riding NeilPryde bikes in 2012. The team presentation will be in January at the team’s training camp in California.

NeilPryde has gotten a good reputation for producing sports equipment at the world championship level for its windsurfing products. Given the company’s experience in working with composite materials and aerodynamics, creating high-performance bikes seemed to the company like a natural step.

“Our athletes will be riding the Diablo model of the NeilPryde line, their carbon flagship,” announced Mike Tamayo, UnitedHealthcare’s sports director. “The carbon frame is a perfect match for the various terrains that Team UnitedHealthcare will have to tackle in 2012. The Diablo offers stiffness for acceleration while remaining lightweight. More exciting will be the Exoskeleton technology (proprietary to NeilPryde) that improves the lateral stiffness, making it an amazing cornering machine.”