Must See: Johan Bruyneel tells broadcaster he’s ‘done with cycling’

"People are trying to picture myself and Lance as the bad guys," says Bruyneel, adding that he is "looking to move on. ..."

Johan Bruyneel recently made a rare media appearance, telling Luxembourg broadcaster RTL that he’s “pretty much done with cycling.”

The report, with images of a dapper Bruyneel walking the streets of London, said that Lance Armstrong’s former right-hand man does not plan a return to cycling.

“I’ve pretty much made the decision that I am done with cycling because I do not see a change,” Bruyneel told RTL.

Bruyneel, 49, is still facing a lifetime ban for a variety of anti-doping allegations. An arbitration hearing is set for December, with Bruyneel and Spanish doctor Pedro Celaya and trainer Pepe Martí reportedly poised to challenge the charges.

The embattled former sport director and team manager has largely avoided the media since the doping scandal engulfed Armstrong and the U.S. Postal Service legacy in October 2012.

“I don’t see myself as the devil. People are trying to picture myself and Lance as the bad guys,” Bruyneel said. “People are trying to blame it all on him, and I think that’s what’s happening. I am looking to move on, and that’s what I am trying to do.”

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