Must Reads: Obree comes to terms with homosexuality, Boardman hails Bobridge, and more

Obree comes to terms with homosexuality, Boardman hails Bobridge, and more

The Guardian: Obree comes to terms

Graeme Obree publicly reveals he’s gay in a moving story of how he feels liberated from a lifetime of denial. The “Flying Scotsman” won world pursuit titles and set the new hour record, but tells The Guardian that he’s finally come to terms with who he is. Obree said his problems came from “my homophobic upbringing. In the west of Scotland, you couldn’t contemplate it, you couldn’t allow it to enter your world. The prevailing attitude was, you’d be better off being dead than gay. So you had to bury it.”

The Telegraph: Boardman hails Bobridge ride as “Beamon-esque”

Chris Boardman, whose long-standing 4k pursuit record Jack Bobridge smashed yesterday, tells the The Telegraph he was very impressed with the young Aussie’s ride. Boardman’s record was set with the now-banned “superman” position. “(Bobridge’s) ride and that time is an absolutely phenomenal achievement and I can only offer warm congratulations to Jack,” Boardman told Telegraph Sport. “He hasn’t just beaten my superman mark he has absolutely smashed the conventional world record by nearly four seconds. The performance has a Beamon-esque feel about it. It’s a real jaw dropper.” TSN acquires broadcast rights to Tour de France for Canada

The Canadian cable channel has signed an exclusive, multi-year deal to broadcast the Tour de France in Canada on its TSN and TSN2 channels. The company says the deal will mark “the first time the race has been broadcast in HD on Canadian English television.”

BBC News: Cyclists use helmet cams to tame drivers

The BBC reports on how some British cyclists are using helmet cams to pursue impolite drivers. “Most regular cyclists have horror stories of near misses, the bus that overtook too close, the car driver who did not see them on the roundabout, the van that forced them off the road. With the technology getting cheaper  … more cyclists are documenting their struggles with drivers. All that is needed is to strap the camera on, set the hard drive recording and away you go.”