Must reads: Armstrong blames sponsor contracts, Tucson driver charged with hitting cyclists

Lance Armstrong sits down for another interview, this time with Sports Illustrated. He gives new information about his doping case

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Armstrong gives more details — Sports Illustrated

Lance Armstrong has given another interview.

But this time there were no TV cameras or microphones. Sports Illustrated contributor Michael McCann says Armstrong found him on Twitter, the two began talking, and shortly after McCann traveled to Armstrong’s Austin, Texas home for a sit down interview.

McCann says much of the three-hour conversation was off the record, but he was allowed to paraphrase what the disgraced cyclist said for a story that appears in this week’s magazine.

We learned some new facts about the Armstrong case:

– Armstrong said his sponsorship deals essentially forced him to fight doping claims leveled against him, which led to a number of lawsuits. He said his contracts with the companies would have been at risk had he not done so.

– Armstrong almost chose Tom Brokaw to conduct his first TV interview, in which he ultimately admitted to Oprah Winfrey that he doped during his career.

– He also considered recording himself on video talking about the drug scandal and posting it online.

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Driver charged with hitting cyclists — Arizona Daily Star

As we reported a week and a half ago, a Tucson, Ariz. driver had a run-in with the Jamis-Hagens Berman cycling team while the group was on a training ride late last month.

Riders on the team told police Rodney Kinkade drove up next to the two-column, 15-person group and began shouting obscenities. Moments later after he pulled even with the riders at the front of the paceline, Kinkade allegedly swerved into the group and knocked some of the riders to the ground. Then he sped away.

A team car traveling with the team was able to catch up to Kinkade and take a photo of his license plate, which eventually led to his arrest. Police have charged him with felony aggravated assault.

Read this account by Tyler Wren, one of the riders who was directly struck by Kinkade’s car.

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