Must Read: Wiggins recounts final Tour time trial, Kent burns Armstrong effigy

Bradley Wiggins recounts his winning time trial of the 2012 Tour de France

Bradley Wiggins memoir: Your lead is intact, you’re going to win the Tour — The Guardian

In this excerpt from Bradley Wiggins’ new autobiography, “My Time,” the 2012 Tour champion writes about his experience in the final 53km time trial, including his mindset going into the stage, his approach to the time trial, and his reflections on his training.

“It had said four hours on the programme; it was three degrees outside and it was hailing up there in the hills, but I just had to go and do that four hours because that might make the difference; Cadel Evans might not go out, might not do anything that day,” Wiggins writes.

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Will Routley says competitors who used PEDs aren’t just cheaters, they’re criminals — The Vancouver Sun

Former Canadian champion Will Routley offers his perspective on recent high-profile doping admissions, writing about his disbelief in the seemingly-heartfelt confessions of riders who doped during the EPO era.

“The thing is, along with doping, these guys also enjoyed the success that goes with it: podium finishes in monumental events such as the Tour de France, fame, success, and money,” he writes. “The pay range would be from $300,000 to $3 million a year (a lot more if you are Lance).”

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WADA chief attacks Team Sky for zero-tolerance policy towards drug cheats — The Telegraph

WADA chief David Howman has criticized Sky’s approach to anti-doping, saying that the zero-tolerance policy will only further entrench those with something to hide, writes Jacquelin Magnay.

“If it is destroying their lives then you have got to wonder if it is a sound idea, not many are going to fess up if they lose their jobs,” Howman said. “Zero tolerance doesn’t make much sense in the overall effort to clean up sport.”

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Lance Armstrong effigy goes up in flames —

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society in Kent, England, chose to burn an effigy of Lance Armstrong over the weekend, according to Eurosport’s World of Sport blog. The Society chose Armstrong over such figures as George Osborne and Egyptian cleric Abu Hamza.

“It is the third year in a row that a sports star has been selected with (Italian soccer player) Mario Balotelli getting the Wicker Man treatment last year and (British soccer player) Wayne Rooney being chosen in 2010,” writes the blog.

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