Must Reads: Walsh targets Jenkins over Armstrong column; Wiggins wins SPOTY

Sunday Times columnist David Walsh hits out at the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins over her Armstrong apologist column

Embrace the anger, not the liar — The Sunday Times

In The Sunday Times, columnist David Walsh lambasts Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins over her “Why I’m not angry at Lance Armstrong” column, which ran on Saturday. In that column, Jenkins writes that her affinity for Armstrong, for whom she ghost wrote “It’s Not About the Bike,” lies in his personality off the bike and that she has “decided that the smoldering wreckage of the bonfire that burned down Big Tex was wildly out of proportion to the offense. And because, much as I would have liked a personal or public confession from him, I suspect that he understood what the price of it would be, and found the stakes too high to call up his friend at The Washington Post and bring it all down on his head.”

Walsh calls for Jenkins to consider the toll Armstrong’s sporting and public relations battles took on individuals like former U.S. Postal Service soigneur Emma O’Reilly and Betsy Andreu.

“In today’s Washington Post Sally Jenkins has another column on her relationship with Armstrong and goes to great lengths to explain how she still can’t feel any anger towards her friend. It doesn’t matter that he lied to her, compromised her journalistic integrity, made her newspaper look foolish,” writes Walsh. “More damningly, it doesn’t seem to matter that he duped the cancer community, told them one fairytale while living out another.”

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Wiggins is Britain’s Sports Personality of the Year — The Guardian

Tour de France and Olympic time trial champion Bradley Wiggins (Sky) was on Sunday crowned Great Britain’s Sports Personality of the Year. Wiggins received 30.25 percent of the public vote, topping Olympic heptathlon gold medalist Jessica Ennis and Olympic tennis singles champion Andy Murray.

“It’s something to remember for the rest of my life,” said Wiggins. “To receive it from David Beckham and the Royal Highness is quite something really. It’s never going to get any better, let’s face it.

“Winning this, winning gold in the London Olympics, it’s about as good as it’s ever going to get. I’ll just cherish this moment forever. I can die happily now.”

According to The Guardian, Wiggins’ SPOTY trophy will display in his pub in Eccleston, Lancashire.

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