Must Read: O’Grady nearly signed anti-doping pledge

The 39-year-old was removed from the Australian Olympic Committee's Athletes' Commission after admitting he used EPO

Australian was poised to sign document saying he rode clean — Sydney Morning Herald

In the wake of Stuart O’Grady’s confession that he used EPO before the 1998 Tour de France, the Sydney Morning Herald reports that the Australian was poised to sign a document swearing that he had never doped during his career.

O’Grady, who retired after finishing the Tour de France last Sunday, was asked to join an exclusive, 10-member Athletes’ Commission with the Australian Olympic Committee last summer during the London Olympics. One of the requirements for all members of the committee — and the AOC — was to sign a document acknowledging he had never broken any anti-doping rules.

O’Grady, according to the paper, told the committee earlier this year he would sign the document but had yet to do so. If he had signed it, and then admitted to doping as he did this week, O’Grady would have been in violation of Australia’s anti-doping code.

On Thursday, the AOC apparently e-mailed O’Grady and asked him to resign from the committee. The 39-year-old did not respond and was subsequently removed from his post by AOC officials.

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