Must Read: Hamilton says Sky too hard on ex-dopers

American says he understands Brits' stance, but believes it isn't productive

Sky’s hardline stance promotes secrecy — The Telegraph

Disgraced cyclist-turned-author Tyler Hamilton says Sky is being too hard on staffers it fired in the wake of admitting former doping practices during their respective racing careers.

Sky coach Bobby Julich and sport director Stephen de Jongh were both fired after coming clean on their doping history while lead sport director Sean Yates simply quit; the team denied that his departure was doping related.

Hamilton, speaking in London as he received a book award for “The Secret Race,” said that the line Sky is taking is too hard.

“I get what they [Sky] are trying to do,” Hamilton was quoted in The Telegraph. “But there are a lot of people who are good for the sport who got caught up in the wrong thing. It was a dark, dark culture back then. I’d say a minimum of 80 percent of the peloton was doping to some degree.

“It’s unfortunate. Typically when you come out, you learn from your mistakes. So what’s this saying? You do the right thing, you try to be transparent, and you get fired? So the next guy, what’s he or she going to do? It’s not fair.”

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