Must Read: Cavendish meets the queen; Outside names Red Kite Prayer No. 1 cycling blog

Mark Cavendish receives an MBE from Queen Elizabeth, and Patrick Brady's Red Kite Prayer blog receives a similar honor from Outside magazine.

The Guardian: Cavendish meets the queen

Mark Cavendish got a special honor Wednesday when he received his MBE from Queen Elizabeth in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The recently crowned world champion missed out on being named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in 2008 when he was the only member of the British track team who did not return from the Beijing Olympic Games with a medal. His world title, Great Britain’s first since Tom Simpson won in 1965, earned him the special honor. Speaking about his audience with the queen, Cavendish quipped: “We were talking about the Olympics and finishing on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace next year. I told her to give me a cheer when we come past.”

Outside: Outside scribe calls Red Kite Prayer top cycling blog

Outside magazine’s Aaron Gulley assembled a top-10 list of cycling blogs on November 28, and Patrick Brady’s Red Kite Prayer topped the list. Notes Gulley: “Before you get your chamois in a knot over all the killer pages I neglected and start sending hate mail about how out of touch I am, let me say this: These picks are personal, somewhat arbitrary, and based on the frequency I visit the blogs and the regularity that I ride away with something useful.”