Must Read: Ashenden says Armstrong showed signs of blood doping in 2009 Tour de France

Michael Ashenden says low red blood cell production, concentration loss indicate blood doping for Armstrong in the 2009 Tour de France

Australian anti-doping scientist Michael Ashenden claims that Lance Armstrong’s 2009 blood profile indicates manipulation. In an interview published Monday, Ashenden tells the San Francisco Chronicle and California Watch that Armstrong’s 2009 profile, contained in filings from the Texan’s lawsuit against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency earlier this year, are consistent with blood doping.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Armstrong’s blood profile indicated lower red blood cell production and loss of blood concentration than expected during his first of two comeback Tours de France.

“Suppressed red blood cell production is a classic signature associated with blood doping,” Ashenden wrote in an email. “The body reacts to the presence of excess red cells in circulation by suppressing the bone marrow’s production of new cells.”

Armstrong attorney Mark Fabiani responded to a request for comment from the Chronicle via email: “The rules are clear to everyone but USADA: You either pass a drug test, or you fail it… There is no in between. Lance Armstrong has passed every test ever given to him, including every test administered during the 2009 Tour de France.”

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