Must Read: Armstrong says he doesn’t care about doping charges, confirms Livestrong series talks

Lance Armstrong tells Lava magazine that he's not looking back as he continues to race unsanctioned events after his lifetime ban

Lance Armstrong said this week that he is living with a clean conscience and is not interested in looking to the past as he moves on after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency ruled in August that he should serve a lifetime ban for his role in a decade-long doping conspiracy. In an interview published online by the World Triathlon Corporation’s Lava magazine, the former world champion also confirmed that a Livestrong endurance series was in the works and would span multiple sports.

“It’s their drama. Not mine,” said Armstrong in the interview with senior editor Jay Prasuhn. “I was raised in a way, and maybe my mom was this way, and her life wasn’t perfect, it was complicated. But she always looked forward. She looked a day, and a month, and a year, and 10 years from now. Some people don’t do that. They sit around and talk about the past. You always get high-school friends who sit around and talk about ‘Hey remember that time…’ and I’m like ‘why are you asking me about that?

“That’s the funny thing. What else do they want to strip? The Tour of Colorado? Tour of the Gila? It’s so dumb.

“I don’t care. Honestly. And I mean that. I wake up and my mind and my conscience and my view on my life and my world, my future and my kids’ future is perfectly clear.

“And I said it after my mountain bike race in Aspen when I raced. Nobody needs to be shedding any tears for me; I’ll find stuff to do. My foundation’s gonna keep rockin’, and my kids are going to remain unaffected. Movin’ on.”

In the interview, which took place on Sunday after Armstrong won the Superfrog triathlon in Coronado, California, he also responded to questions over a rumored endurance events series backed by his Livestrong Foundation.

“We have a rough business plan, but we’re not ready to make an announcement next week or next month,” said Armstrong. “We’ve got good, experienced, passionate people who are involved, and we’ve got I think a lot of people willing to support events, people that want something else, whether it’s lower entry fees or a better experience or a better after-party or swag bag. Not to say existing series around are not good. But to pick up on some things would be great. There’s been thought that we could acquire some stand-alone, one-off events, events that could either be bought or partnered on. And then there’s the events we could create.

“And these aren’t simply triathlons. They’re run the gamut: tri’s off-road tris, mountain bike races, gran fondos, marathons, trail runs… just a hodge-podge of endurance junkie porn.”

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