Must Read: Armstrong avoids deposition, reaches settlement in insurance case

Former world champion settles for undisclosed terms to avoid testifying under oath in Acceptance Insurance suit

Armstrong avoids deposition, settles Acceptance case — USA Today

In order to avoid testifying under oath about his doping, USA Today reported Wednesday that attorneys for Lance Armstrong reached a last-minute settlement with Acceptance Insurance, which sought to recover $3 million on bonuses it paid him for winning the Tour de France.

After what Acceptance attorney Mark Kincaid described as Armstrong’s team engaging in a “lengthy string of delays, unanswered calls, unheeded requests, and general foot-dragging,” Armstrong ‘s deposition was scheduled for Thursday, November 21.

Armstrong is facing three other pending lawsuits in state and federal court, including a whistleblower case brought by Floyd Landis and the Justice Department, on behalf of the U.S. Postal Service.

On Monday a federal judge declined a request by Armstrong’s attorneys to consolidate his depositions so that he could avoid multiple instances of questioning under oath.

Thursday’s scheduled deposition was part of the pretrial discovery process in a civil fraud lawsuit filed against him by Acceptance Insurance. The settlement amount was undisclosed.

On Wednesday, Armstrong avoided testifying under oath by settling, as he did earlier this year in a case filed by The Sunday Times, for an undisclosed amount believed to be about £1 million.

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