Must Read: Armstrong attorney links USADA to big tobacco

Lance Armstrong's legal team came out swinging Tuesday in anticipation of USADA's case file transfer to the UCI

Lance Armstrong’s legal team has hit out at the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency in anticipation of USADA’s move this week to transfer its case file concerning Armstrong’s doping case to the UCI. USA Today reported Tuesday that Armstrong attorney Tim Herman, in a letter addressed to USADA counsel Bill Bock and obtained by the newspaper, accused the agency of relying on “serial perjurers” for testimony and using big tobacco lawyers to persecute the world’s foremost advocate for cancer patients.

“This reasoned decision will be a farce, written by USADA with the significant assistance of lawyers from one of Big Tobacco’s favorite law firms at a time when Lance Armstrong is one of America’s leading anti-tobacco advocates,” Herman wrote, according to USA Today. “While USADA can put lipstick on a pig, it still remains a pig.”

USADA is expected to transfer the case file supporting its recommended lifetime ban of Armstrong to the UCI this week. The agency issued the ban in August when Armstrong rejected his option for arbitration in the case. USADA accused the Texan of taking part in a decade-long conspiracy to use, distribute and cover-up performance enhancing drugs and methods. The agency recommended Armstrong be stripped of his results between August 1998 and 2010, including his record seven Tour de France titles and his third-place finish in the 2009 Tour.

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