Milano-Sanremo forced to update route, omits coast to travel inland

The new unpublished route omits nearly the entire Liguria section from the race, traveling inland away from the coast.

The 111th Milano-Sanremo is scheduled for Saturday, August 8, but not without some additional complications.

The traditional route will be altered due to 13 towns’ mayors who refused to close roads or issue permits the race, according to the Gazetta dello Sport.

Barely a week after the pro peloton hits the road in a hurried return to racing after a months-long pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, municipalities are still struggling with the realities of enforcing health and safety measures, but also balancing a return to some normalcy.

Concern was expressed about the race affecting tourism and holiday traffic flow along a single, major road that serves coastal towns.

The yet to be finalized route will likely go inland, omitting the Passo Turchino climb and the coastal Capi climbs, so that just the final 40 kilometers of the original route will remain unaltered.

The peloton will still roll out from Corsico, but forego the coastal route near Savona which includes the towns of  Turchino, Alassio, Laigueglia, Capo Mele, Capo Cervo, and Capo Berta.

Once the race winds through Imperia, the original route will be picked up, taking on the Cipressa at 22km to go, and then the Poggio just 10km from the finish on the via Roma.

With the proposed route changes, the 2020 edition of the Classicissima will be 299km.

Julian Alaphilippe won the 2019 Milano-Sanremo, and has expressed his intent to defend his title.