In The News: Man sentenced for threats against USADA CEO Tygart

According to a newspaper story, the man received community service and a fine

Florida man receives community service, fine after Tygart threats — The Denver Post

A man who threatened to kill the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s CEO after USADA stripped Lance Armstrong of his Tour de France titles plead guilty to making a threat through interstate commerce on Thursday in Denver. He was sentenced to 540 hours of community service and must pay a $5,000 fine, according to The Denver Post.

Gerrit Keats, 72, of Clearwater Beach, Florida, entered a plea agreement. According to the report, he believed USADA CEO Travis Tygart should be skinned alive.

“Travis Tygart is a … pig who should be nailed to a tree and skinned while he watches his toady staff and filthy children being castrated. … The greatest service I could do to mankind is kill [Tygart],” Keats wrote in an e-mail he sent to Tygart.

Tygart, who testified at the meeting, said the threats scared he and his children and his employees and that Armstrong “shamelessly lit the match” that drove people to threaten USADA workers.

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