In the News: Appeals court halts Armstrong testimony in SCA Promotions case

SCA Promotions wants $12 million in bonus money back from Armstrong in the wake of his doping admission

Armstrong testimony put on hold pending further review — Associated Press

An appeals court in Texas has put a temporary halt to an arbitration panel that was slated to review $12 million in bonuses paid to Lance Armstrong during his cycling career, according to the Associated Press.

The report says that Armstrong, who admitted last year to taking performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career, will not have to provide sworn testimony about his doping practices on Thursday as scheduled. The arbitration hearing was initially slated for March 17.

The case revolves around SCA Promotions, which paid Armstrong the money as a bonus. He won seven Tour de France titles, from 1999-2005, but was stripped of all of them in 2012 after a U.S. Anti-Doping Agency report revealed that he cheated his way to the yellow jersey each time. SCA Promotions now wants its money back.

“We are pleased the court will consider the issue of whether a final settlement, to which all parties agreed would end all disputes, can be reopened when one side has buyer’s remorse,” Armstrong attorney Tim Herman said.

The legal battle between Armstrong and SCA Promotions dates back to 2005, when the company attempted to withhold bonus money paid to Armstrong as it tried to show that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Ultimately Armstrong won the initial settlement in 2006, and he was paid the money.

Tuesday’s decision occurred in the Fifth Court of Appeals. The court will review the case later in March.

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