Galimzyanov admits EPO use, absolves Katusha

Katusha sprinter claims the team knew nothing of his PED use

A day after the UCI announced that Denis Galimzyanov had produced a positive doping control for Erythropoietin (EPO), the Katusha squad released a letter it claims to be a written admission of guilt from the Russian.

Team manager Hans-Michael Holczer told VeloNews on Monday that the team had nothing to do with Galimzyanov’s apparent use of performance enhancing drugs.

“(The news) destroys nine months of hard work with this team,” Holczer said. “I am extremely disappointed. I hope that he collaborates with authorities to clarify his situation. That’s all want to say now because I have just heard the news myself, but I can assure [you] the team is not involved.”

Full text of the Galimzyanov letter follows. Katusha did not release a statement accompanying the letter.

I, the undersigned Denis Galimzyanov, rider of Katusha Team, want to clear up the current matter with my positive doping test. On March 22, 2012, being in Italy, I received a visit from anti-doping control officers in an out of competition time. A month later, a urine sample taken during that visit indicated EPO.

I recognize a fact of banned substance usage.

I fully realized what I did.

I deeply regret about what happened, and I apologize to the whole team and my teammates, along with my fans whom I disappointed.

I am ready to suffer an appropriate punishment.

I would like to draw A PARTICULAR ATTENTION for that fact that Katusha Team has nothing to do with what happened. No team member knew and could know about what I did. It was my personal decision and my responsibility.

I refuse from my right to request and attend the analysis of my B sample.”