Dutch pro cyclists’ union pulls out of CPA

Dutch Association for Professional Cyclists withdraws from international riders' union

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The Dutch Association for Professional Cyclists announced Thursday that it was pulling out of the CPA, the international cyclists’ union.

The Dutch riders’ union, a founding member of the CPA, released a statement detailing the reasons behind the decision. The statement noted that the CPA has made progress representing pros over the years, but “has been increasingly unable to meet the expectations of progress from the riders, and from many of its newer member nations.”

The statement criticized the political structure of the CPA and the inability of all but a handful of nations to influence decision-making within the international union.

“To the present day, three primary European cycling countries control the politics of the CPA, and the [Dutch riders’ union] feels this isn’t a true reflection of the men’s professional ‘peloton’ in the year 2018.

The Dutch Association for Professional Cyclists also pointed to inaction on pressing issues, lack of communication, and financial shortages in a rider retirement fund as other concerns.

Specifically on the women’s side of peloton, the Dutch rider’s union announced its support for The Cyclist’s Alliance as an alternative to the CPA, praising the former as better equipped to represent female riders than the CPA.

Retired pros Iris Slappendel and Carmen Small and active racer Gracie Elvin launched the organization in 2017 as a union dedicated specifically to representing female cyclists at the highest levels.