Deadline set for decision in Alberto Contador doping case

A decision on the ongoing Caso Contador should be known by the middle of February.

A decision on the ongoing Caso Contador should be known by the middle of February.

That’s according to Spanish cycling federation president Juan Carlos Castaño, who told the Spanish radio station “COPE” that a decision in the Alberto Contador doping case should be forthcoming between February 10-15.

Castaño said they expect to receive the opinion of the UCI’s medication commission by January 24 and hand down a decision by mid-February.

“The medical commission of the UCI will reveal their conclusions if they believe Alberto Contador or not,” Castaño told COPE on Tuesday night. “Between the 10th to the 15th of February, we’ll have the sanction or the absolution of the cyclist from Pinto (Contador).”

An official from the Spanish cycling federation confirmed to VeloNews on Wednesday that a decision is imminent. When a decision is finally made, the Spanish authorities will notify Contador and the UCI, but not directly release the information to the media.

Contador is facing a ban of up to two years and disqualification of 2010 Tour victory after minute traces of clenbuterol were found in his system in July. Contador said the clenbuterol entered his system after he ate contaminated meat.

Citing the complexity of the Contador case, the Spanish cycling federation’s four-member comité de competición y disciplina deportiva reached out to the UCI and WADA for their opinions before deciding whether or not to ban Contador.

The UCI confirmed that the Spanish cycling federation (RFEC) had forwarded documentation to the cycling governing body on December 10 for an opinion on certain aspects of the case by the UCI Anti-Doping Commission.

The UCI insists that it is providing what it called a “consultative” service and that the final call remains in the hands of the Spanish authorities. The UCI also clarified that it retains its “option to appeal the RFEC’s decision.”

Regardless of what decision the Spanish authorities make, the UCI, the World Anti-Doping Agency and Contador all have a right to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Castaño said he expects some sort of appeal no matter what decision is made.