De la Fuente still looking for ride

"I don't believe that I am so bad that I do not have a team." —De la Fuente

David de la Fuente — the loyal domestique on the now-defunct Geox-TMC squad — says he’s looking at unemployment next season as he enters the end of the year without a ride for 2012.

The 30-year-old Spaniard has been a pro since 2004, but says he’s hoping for a miracle to keep his career alive.

“I don’t have anything,” he told the Spanish daily MARCA. “The outlook is pretty bleak. It’s sad what’s going on right now. I don’t believe that I am so bad that I do not have a team.”

De la Fuente was holding out hope that Geox-TMC managers could pull something together this fall to save the team for the 2012 season with a reduced budget. Most of the team’s foreign riders have found contracts, but most of the Spanish riders on the team are still looking for work, including Vuelta a España champion Juanjo Cobo.

De la Fuente has notched a few big wins during his career, including the 2009 GP Miguel Indurain and the most combative prize at the 2006 Tour de France.

He says he’s continuing to train in his native Cantabria in northern Spain with the hopes that someone calls with a job offer.

“Since the season ended, I haven’t had more than three days without touching the bike,” he said. “Now I am riding every day, but I am not doing more than three hours because I don’t have a team nor any objectives, but I want to be ready if someone signs me, now or a little bit later.”