David Millar leaps to support Alberto Contador

The brand new world time trial silver medalist, who has his own doping past, says he supports Alberto Contador

2010 World Time Trial Championship: Millar, Cancellara and Martin get podium time.
Millar, Fabian Cancellara and Tony Martin on the podium Thursday

Britain’s David Millar, who won a silver medal at the world championships Thursday, and who served a two-year ban for doping earlier in his career, has leapt to the defence of Tour de France champion Alberto Contador after the Spaniard was suspended for a positive test for banned substance clenbuterol.

Minutes after finishing the time trial, Millar said Contador was a “fantastic athlete and a great human being” and said the case should never have been revealed while further investigation was needed.

“I think there’s a very strong chance that this is being blown way out of proportion … because it’s a microdose and it was on a rest day and it makes no sense,” said Millar.

“It makes no sense because it would have come up in other controls.

“It’s a shame that it’s been released when it hasn’t been resolved. I think it’s something that should be resolved behind closed doors and done the way it should be done properly.”

“There are strict rules and I think unfortunately in cycling for the right reasons we always jump to the worst-case scenario and because of the history we have in the sport unfortunately maybe Alberto’s just maybe been kind of thrown to the sharks.

“I think it will get resolved and I hope so for Alberto’s benefit and I hope so for the sport’s benefit.”