Cycling agent Alex Carera recovering from auto accident

Nibali's agent, Alex Carera, survives a crash that kills another motorist but needs extensive surgery on his legs

MILAN, Italy (VN) — Alex Carera, agent for many pro cyclists, including Vincenzo Nibali, is recovering in a Brescia hospital after a car crash that left one dead Saturday.

According to the website Tutto Bici, the Italian is in stable condition following extensive leg surgery.

“He passed the night calmly. He’s sedated and in intensive therapy,” his brother Johnny, co-owner of A&J Sport Management Agency, told the Italian website on Sunday.

“The operation went well but only in the next hours will the doctors have a more precise picture.”

Carera, 38, was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and reportedly underwent a six-hour, “delicate and complex” operation on his legs Saturday night. Tutto Bici reported his condition as stable and La Gazzetta dello Sport said he was out of danger.

The incident happened earlier in the day, around 13:00 local time, on the A4 Autostrada heading west towards Milan. Carlo Loda, 78, stopped at the Autogrill Sebino rest stop near Erbesco, just west of Brescia. When he returned to the highway, however, he went in the wrong direction, and his Audi 80 struck two other cars — an Alfa Romeo, whose driver escaped with minor injuries, and then Carera’s BMW 5 Series.

Loda died immediately.

A photo showed the front end of Carera’s silver station wagon completely crumpled, the windshield smashed and airbags deployed.

“After I saw his car it’s truly a miracle that he survived such a devastating impact,” his brother said in a Facebook post.

Carera’s wife, Alessia Grossi, said via Facebook that doctors will wake her husband soon and remove the tubes.

“I’ll only be able to see him at 14:30, and then I will be able to provide more news,” she wrote.