Court orders ASO to compensate fired head doctor

Tour de France organizers receive court order to provide back pay to former doctor

PARIS (AFP) — Tour de France organizer Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) has been ordered to pay 115,000 euros in compensation to former head doctor Gerard Porte following his illegal sacking, his lawyer said on Monday.

A court in Paris ruled that Porte’s contract had been a permanent one and not short term as claimed by ASO.

ASO handed over the Tour de France medical service to the Mutuaide group in 2010, and they had wanted to work with Porte on a fee basis while he considered he was on a full-time contract.

ASO and Mutuaide were ordered to pay 115,000 euros in compensation and backpay plus interest and damages to Porte.

“Mr Porte’s self esteem has been recognized. The behavior of his former employers was a financial one compared to the head doctor who was passionate,” his lawyer Gerard Welzer told AFP.