Cobblestones win the Belgian Bracket!

After tabulating tens of thousands of votes this week, you, the VeloNews readers have helped us pick the most Belgian thing EVER!

You did it! After a grueling week of hemming and hawing over perplexing match-ups like Frank Vandenbroucke vs. Tom Boonen’s Ferrari or Dirk Hofman Motorhomes vs. the Lion of Flanders Flag, VeloNews readers like you picked the most Belgian thing ever.

Are you surprised that Cobblestones won the inaugural Eddy Merckx trophy in the Belgian Bracket? We aren’t. Seeded #1 in the Stones and Beer region, Cobblestones felt like the team of destiny, outpacing Belgium’s august publication Het Nieuwsblad in the first round, then going toe-to-toe with the fearsome Koppenberg in the Sweet Sixteen. From there, Cobblestones spoiled Beer’s run in the Final Four and went on to kick Tom Boonen to the curb in the regional championship. The Lion of Flanders Flag put up a fight in the championship game, but it fell short by 15.8 percent of your votes.

Thanks for indulging in our flight of fancy. Enjoy Tour of Flanders this Sunday!