CIRC report due within weeks

UCI says that its independent review of doping in the EPO era is on track to go public late February or early March

The highly anticipated report from the UCI’s review of the EPO era is on track to be released within the coming weeks.

UCI officials confirmed to VeloNews that the Cycling Independent Reform Commission (CIRC) will deliver its report by “early in March at the latest,” if not by late February as scheduled.

Officials also confirmed the UCI would “publish the report in full” soon after an official announcement.

They have also said there will no interviews or public comment before the official release of the report, but speculation is growing about just what the CIRC report will reveal.

A three-member panel was given a broad mandate, as well as a hefty budget of more than $3 million, by the UCI last year when it created in January.

Under the guise of the CIRC mandate, current and former riders and staff were encouraged to provide testimony and information about doping during the EPO era. The timeframe was limited from 1998 to 2013, and several big names, including Lance Armstrong, have reportedly stepped forward to assist in the inquiry.

Whether names will be released or extensive details of doping practices will be revealed remains to be seen.

The CIRC panel was a major tenet of the manifesto of UCI president Brian Cookson released during his campaign in 2013. Cookson is hoping the effort will help the sport close the book on cycling’s EPO era and provide a roadmap for how cycling can improve its efforts to combat doping.