Bugno tops Millar in CPA presidential election

Gianni Bugno reelected president of pro riders' union

Incumbent Gianni Bugno defeated challenger David Millar in Thursday’s election for president of the CPA, cycling’s pro rider union.

The former Italian racer earned 379 votes to Millar’s 96 to secure a third term in the post. The election was held in conjunction with the UCI Road World Championships in Innsbruck, Austria.

It was the first time the CPA presidency was contested by multiple candidates, as the eventual winner has always run unopposed in past years. Millar, who retired at the end of 2014, announced his bid for the post last month and quickly garnered vocal support, particularly in the United Kingdom and North America. He acknowledged last week that he was expecting to lose.

The process has not been without controversy, as some riders cried foul of voting procedures. Several marquee cycling nations vote as blocks, with each of those countries’ sum total of votes going to a single candidate chosen by the national-level organization. With France and Italy going for Bugno en masse, for instance, some riders felt like their voices were not heard or that their votes would not matter.

Sky’s Chris Froome was one of a number of signatories of a letter demanding better representation from the CPA this week. He told VeloNews via phone on Thursday that he feels it is ‘time for a change.’