Argos’ Sprick treated for cerebral thrombosis

Frenchman shows signs of paralysis

Argos-Shimano’s Matthieu Sprick was admitted to a hospital with a cerebral thrombosis, the team announced on Thursday.

According to the team, physicians have called Sprick’s condition as a “small cerebrovascular accident.” In a statement on Thursday, the team confirmed that Sprick was “conscious and speaking but has some symptoms of paralysis.”

A type of stroke, a cerebral thrombosis is a blockage of a blood vessel in the brain caused by a clot.

Sprick is undergoing tests, observation, and treatments and the team said it would provide additional details as available.

Sprick recently returned to training following a fracture of his navicular bone, a bone on the medial side of the foot. He crashed hard in a pile-up during stage 1 of the Circuit de la Sarthe.