AIGCP press release on radio ban, March 4, 2011

AIGCP press release on radio ban, March 4, 2011

Press Release

Today the AIGCP met for its first general assembly of the 2011 season. Amongst the many topics discussed today was that of the radio ban. Our discussion regarding the radios resulted in total agreement amongst all the teams and a document signed by all the member teams which will be sent to the UCI tomorrow.

The contents of that document are as follows:

1. The AIGCP and its members unanimously oppose the ban on radios.

2. While some members of the AIGCP feel more or less strongly about the rule regarding radios, what we all feel very strongly about is the manner in which this rule was introduced.

This rule was not discussed nor voted on by the CCP, which is the advisory board concerning Professional cycling, which contains 2 representatives from the teams. Even if it had been, the CCP holds no final power on the introduction of new rules. The decision was made unilaterally by the management committee of the UCI, which does not contain any representative of the teams, the riders, nor the race organizers.


** All the teams unanimously denounce the UCI for introducing this legislation without any representation from any team**

3. The AIGCP ask the UCI to rescind the regulation regarding the radio ban. If this regulation is not rescinded by the first of May, 2011, the teams have unanimously agreed on a drastic action. This action will not be made public at this time, but the UCI will be informed of its content.

The UCI, and its President, Pat McQuaid, will receive a document, signed by all the teams, that outlines the full content of our thoughts. While humbly hand written during discussion, the UCI can be sure of the solidarity of the teams and the depth of the letter’s content.