AFLD inks deal to provide anti-doping control at the Tour de France

French anti-doping agency AFLD will lead the doping controls at international bike races, including the Tour de France

PARIS (AFP) — AFLD, the French Agency for the fight against doping, has given the green light to working with the UCI (UCI) for the Tour de France.

The AFLD, which met on Thursday, will not participate in the anti-doping control at Paris-Nice, a seven-day race that begins Sunday. The French Cycling Federation will lead anti-doping checks for the “race to the sun.”

The AFLD, which had previously slammed the door to the UCI on Feb. 14 citing “serious mistakes” in the past, has reviewed the conditions of its agreement with cycling’s international governing body.

“In light of new evidence brought to its attention, it is possible for the (AFLD) to control international cycling competitions, especially the Tour de France,” the AFLD said.

The French agency added that it must have access to the location of cyclists and the results of their biological passport profiles, which will enable it to provide spot checks both in and out of competition.

The UCI had described the first decision “regrettable, especially that it intended to strengthen its cooperation with the French agency,” including sharing “information and the biological passport system within the limits of international law … and in accordance with the regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency.”