The Paris-Roubaix peloton cut things far too close...

2015 Velo Awards: Wrong side of the tracks

The Paris-Roubaix peloton wins this award for its risky crossing of a high-speed train track after the barriers had come down.

We get it: In the heat of the race, your judgment can get cloudy. But we would have thought the barriers and flashing lights — not to mention the high-speed TGV train hurtling toward them — would have been enough to bring the Paris-Roubaix peloton to its senses.


With 90 kilometers to go and a break five minutes up the road, the bunch came to a train crossing. Dozens of riders, including big names like Alexander Kristoff and Bradley Wiggins, went through the barriers, some even after they were all the way down, as the officials looked on.

Race commissaires decided not to sanction any of those involved. Our only takeaway from the episode is that there are about 30 riders who will never again be able to seriously call for increased rider-safety measures.