Pro Stealth Saddle

This saddle's unique shape helped us stay comfortable while riding and provided room to fidget while seated.


171 grams



Pro does a lot to keep pressure off your sensitive bits. That starts with a unique saddle shape that cuts down on the length of the saddle while maintaining width at the rear for your sit bones (the saddle comes in two widths, 142mm and 152mm, but we tested the 142mm) and the front tip of the saddle. The wide tip offers stability so you can shift your body position throughout your ride.

And that’s just the start. Ultimately, Pro has created a supremely comfortable saddle for riders who need as much relief as possible down the center of the saddle while maintaining stability and the ability to adjust positions.

Photo: Dan Cavallari |

The relief channel — the cutout that runs down the center of the saddle — is generous, to say the least. If you’ve ever had numbness problems in the past, this is a good saddle to try out. There’s plenty of space to provide relief, but you won’t sacrifice comfort or support. That’s due in part to the shape of the saddle, which is wide enough at the rear to support the sit bones and wider than normal at the front to provide another sitting position.

The polyurethane cover allows your body to move over the face of the saddle. There’s no dragging or excess friction, which is great if you’re a fidgeter. And there are mounts for Shimano/Pro accessories that make it simple to attach lights and cameras.

Pro claims the saddle has some vibration damping qualities, perhaps due the carbon rails (there’s also a Stealth available with stainless steel rails) and the EVA padding. While this is a very comfortable saddle, we couldn’t verify it was any better or worse at vibration damping than any other saddle we’ve tried. Racers accustomed to a more minimalist design will be pleasantly surprised with the stability, and the thin but soft EVA padding provides better comfort than we were expecting.

Photo: Dan Cavallari |

What we like most about this saddle is the profile: it’s generally flat on top, which makes it very easy to find a comfortable position. It encourages a stable position centered on the saddle, though you’re still able to shift backward or forward as necessary. Despite the short nose, we never found ourselves missing our long-nosed saddle. The Stealth provides more than enough room.

There are no bulging ridges, no raised centers, nothing to put pressure on your sit bones or sensitive areas. And even when you’re scooted forward and deep in the drops, the Stealth provides enough of a platform to keep your body in a powerful position. We’d put this high on the list of best saddles we’ve tested recently.