Polite women, the inclusion of collegiate racing and that DVD

Polite women, the inclusion of collegiate racing and that DVD

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A question of courtesy

Dear Velo,
Here is an incident that would have happened only in a women’s race. A few years ago, during the Cascade Cycling Classic, downtown criterium, a rider was forced wide on a turn. She hit the curb and had a scary crash, landing flat on her back. After missing a lap, she got back in the race. Between the curb and her landing, she and her bike hit my wife and son-in-law.

After the race, she rode back to see if all of us were OK, even though she was hurt (and abandoned the next day).

I really can’t imagine a male pro doing that.
Dennis Krakow
Bend, Oregon

The ol’ college try

Dear VeloNews,
I really enjoy the new collegiate coverage section that VeloNews has. I raced collegiate on the road and dirt from 2003-2009 as an undergraduate, and then in graduate school for U.C. Davis.

The team dynamic in which points are scored from all skill levels and genders makes collegiate cycling a really inclusive and accessible sport that it I feel converts casual (or non) riders into life-long cyclists.

I’d venture to say that a significant portion of your readers have been somehow associated with collegiate cycling (currently, or in the past), and are very excited to read about the races and rivalries in their old conferences. Furthermore, I feel that this level of coverage will really help build a stronger reputation for collegiate cycling among those not familiar with this section of the sport.

Keep up the good work!

Daniel Stuart

Race Across the Sky?

Dear Velo,
I missed the screening of “Race Across the Sky” in November and have been waiting like a child before Christmas for the DVD to become available. The web site is no help. It just states “Available in March 2010” with no updates.

Well, hello, it has been March 2010 for 18 days now and on each of those days I have checked to see if I could send them my money. Nothing. What gives?

Would you use your powers in the cycling world to give an update on how and where to buy this DVD?
Dax Soule
Seattle Washington

Influential and omnipotent entity that we are, we used our powers to call Citizen Pictures, the producer of the film, and the company says that the discs should be ready for release sometime within a week or two. The company says that the DVD’s are currently being manufactured in both Blu-Ray and standard format and staff are poised to launch a new “retail ready” Web site when the discs are ready to ship. – Editor