Nicely priced parts, ridiculously priced tickets, roots of cycling

Nicely priced parts, ridiculously priced tickets, roots of cycling

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Working-man’s pricing

Dear Velo,
Thank you so much for Lennard Zinn’s review of the new SRAM Apex group.

I can’t tell you how much I (and others) appreciate your taking the time to review budget-friendly bike gear. As you well know, we’re not all ProTour-level guys with ProTour-level budgets and it’s great to get an expert’s opinion on gear the average Joe can actually afford.

While it’s certainly fun to fantasize and drool over pro-tour gear and tech (don’t stop the “fun” reviews), I’m grateful that I’ve got a rubber-meets-the-road analysis of something that I could actually justify cracking open my wallet for. Lennard, you got your sights on any other entry-level or budget-friendly gear that deserves your experienced eye?

Thanks again!
Kacha Azema

You may need that money for a flight

Dear VeloNews,
My wife and I recently traveled to Belgium to pre-ride and then watch the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix (I highly recommend the trip).

We flew Delta, and chose to take our own bikes. We accessed their website, which showed a fee of $200 to transport bikes – imagine our surprise when we were charged a total of $750 outbound and $808 (Euro600) inbound. This seemed excessive, and out of line with their competitors.

On our return, I was told by Delta Customer “Service,” that gate agents had the discretion to set higher charges! I am writing to warn the cycling community to beware traveling with their bikes on Delta Airlines, since they seem to make up the fees as they go along, and also to ask if you know of any resource that compares airline baggage fees for bicycles, so that we may make an informed choice of airline next time we travel.

Ian Wright

The no-frills roots of cycling

Click for larger imageDear Editors,
We think we have it hard if we don’t have a carbon frame, carbon wheels, and 11 gears to choose from.

To that I give you this: My great-grand father took this picture of his riding partners. He (along his parents and siblings) were very active bike racers from the early teens into the late `40s. He served as chairman and secretary of the Century Road Club Association (CRCA) back in the 1920s, and rode a tandem bicycle with his bride to and from the church on their wedding day.

These men are the real heroes of bicycle racing and are living testament to the word “PRO.”
Joel Ankeny
Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

Live Coverage fan

Dear Velo,
Great Live Coverage, folks! It was so exciting. What an ending! Bravo for Cadel Evans (though I ‘voted’ for Horner).
Love the live coverage.

Thanks, VeloNews.
Nolan Winkler
Hillsboro, New Mexico
(Soon off to see the Tour of the Gila!)