In the News: Hit-and-run crash leaves world champion shaken

Australian Macey Stewart was struck from behind by a car while riding in Tasmania on Thursday

Australian newspaper, The Advocate reported Thursday that junior world champion Macey Stewart, 18, was hit by a car in East Devonport, Tasmania.

Stewart recently claimed the junior world time trial championship title in Ponferrada, Spain.

The Advocate reported that Stewart was injured in the hit-and-run crash on Tarleton Street, East Devonport, about 2:00 p.m.

She was heading south outside the Argosy Motel when the vehicle hit her from behind.

The impact threw Miss Stewart to the ground and knocked the motorist’s side rear vision mirror off.

“I took the car’s mirror off and I was lying on the road,” she said. “I looked up and I had a fairly large truck coming for me head on, so I had to scramble off the road as fast as I could.

“The driver of the vehicle who hit me stopped and got out of his car, picked up the mirror, and then drove away.

“It’s pretty shocking to think that someone can do that.”

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