Must Reads: Cav on hometown fame, Brazilian driver charged

Cav on hometown fame, Brazilian driver charged Mark Cavendish: I didn’t get into cycling to be in Heat magazine

Mark Cavendish is perhaps the greatest road cyclist in British history. With 15 Tour de France stage wins since 2008 he is undoubtedly the best sprinter in the world and one of his sport’s biggest stars. But, while the public knows all about Ashley Cole’s airgun and Wayne Rooney’s elbow, Cavendish can walk down the streets of his homeland relatively unnoticed — and that’s just the way he likes it.

New York Times: Brazilian driver charged with attempted homicide

A car deliberately plows into a large group of cyclists in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, injuring at least 40 people, some of them seriously. The ride was organized by the group Critical Mass, which advocates cycling as an environmentally friendly form of transportation. The driver, held by police on a charge of attempted homicide, says the cyclists threatened him.