Must Read: Investigators seized McQuaid’s laptop, documents

Working for Brian Cookson, investigators seized computers and documents from the UCI headquarters in September

McQuaid’s laptop seized minutes after losing election — Financial Times

Private investigators removed IT equipment, including Pat McQuaid’s laptop, from UCI headquarters in Aigle, Switzerland, minutes after the Irishman lost his bid for a third term atop cycling’s international governing body, the Financial Times reported on Wednesday. According to the Times, staff from the Kroll firm, working for newly elected president Brian Cookson, entered the headquarters on Sept. 27 and removed computers and documents to be reviewed in an investigation over corruption charges against the Irishman.

“They had to secure the computers,” Cookson told the Times. “They took all the back-up tapes and all the IT stuff. They were available to make sure that nothing was destroyed that shouldn’t be destroyed.”

Cookson defeated McQuaid in a vote at the UCI Congress in Florence, Italy, on Sept. 27.

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