Movistar works to offset carbon footprint in 2020

The team made a long-term commitment to offset its carbon footprint, and minimize its environmental impact.

Movistar Team has committed to environmental responsibility through the remainder of 2020, and beyond.

The Eusebio Unzué-led team “aspires to put themselves at the front of cycling in this specific area, the sport always being considered ‘green,’ yet with a serious impact on the planet with its competitive activities.”

Movistar Team measured its carbon footprint: Greenhouse gases produced by team vehicles were determined to create in excess of 175,000kg (~193,000 tons) of CO2 on an annual basis.

A press release issued by the Spanish-based professional cycling squads commits to the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals plan. Furthermore, the team’s parent company targeted attaining a Seal of Recognition from Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition (MITECO).

Abarca Sports, which owns Team Movistar, has made a long-term commitment to offset its carbon footprint through the use of 100 percent renewable energy, and “self-consumption,” and adopting low-emission vehicles for team support.

Abarca Sports has already incorporated policies and actions to curtail greenhouse gas emissions, including replacing the team’s fleet of motor vehicles with newer, hybrid-engine Volvos.

Additionally, 100 percent renewable energy sources will power the team’s headquarters in Pamplona, Spain; solar panels have been installed, and “self-consumption” systems and practices have been adopted.